Public Meeting Recap 11/9/17

//Public Meeting Recap 11/9/17

Thank you to everyone who attended the Broad Street Regeneration Initiative Public Project Update Meeting on November 9th! How exciting to see so many people come out to share their thoughts and ideas! Thank you to the mayors of Cumberland, Central Falls and Pawtucket for joining us at the meeting and for all of your support of this project and all the good work you do for our Broad Street community!

If you couldn’t make the meeting, there’s still time to let your voice be heard. Below are links to the images that were presented at the meeting. Take a look! Keep in mind these images are not plans, but represent concepts that show what might be possible. The images were created based on the feedback collected in the Broad Street survey during the summer of 2017.

(Click on the intersection title to view images.)

Broad Street at Titus Street in Cumberland
Priorities for this intersection include catch basins for drainage of rainwater, raised crosswalks for pedestrian safety, trees for shade and to help reduce speeding, and amenities such as benches to incentivize walking.

Broad Street at Cross Street in Central Falls
Because this intersection is so congested, this image shows a turn lane for vehicles headed south on Broad Street and turning left onto Cross Street. The areas of red are “mountable aprons” that allow large trucks to turn safely but tend to decrease the speed of cars making the same turns. This image also shows trees and other plantings that will treat stormwater and shows what the intersection would look like if the utilities could be buried under the street.

Broad Street at Exchange/Goff Street in Pawtucket
Because this intersection requires complicated interactions between bikes and buses, there were two different possible concepts included for this intersection. One shows a “floating” bus stop where the bikes travel behind it, and the other shows a shared lane for bikes and buses, which could also become a bus-only lane with bikes diverted to another street. Another major priority for this intersection is to make crossing the street easier for pedestrians. One proposal involves timing the lights to stop traffic in every direction while pedestrians cross.

Please email Broad Street Regeneration Initiative Coordinator Jillian Finkle with any comments or questions you have about the designs proposed in these images, or she can be reached at the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council at (401) 724-2200.