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State Transportation Improvement Program Project

The State of Rhode Island Department of Transportation has allocated $11.5 million to improve Broad Street in Pawtucket, Central Falls and Cumberland, RI.

The project highlights include:

  • Resurfacing the entire length of road through Central Falls and Cumberland. (The road in Pawtucket has already been resurfaced.)
  • Streetscape improvements, including sidewalks, crosswalks, trees and plantings, traffic lights, and more. Exact locations are yet to be determined.
  • Drainage improvements, including repairs to existing features as well as some new ones, including “green infrastructure” that will use plants to filter stormwater naturally.

Project Schedule

Please note the schedule is subject to change! The current expected schedule is:

  • January – September 2018: Research and project design conducted by RIDOT and their consultants. An opportunity for public input is expected in Spring 2018.
  • September 2018 – February 2019: Hiring of construction contractors.
  • April – December 2019: Construction will occur in phases in order to minimize disruption to businesses and traffic.
  • April – December 2020: Construction will continue.
  • Starting April 2021: Any remaining work will be completed.

Public Input

The Broad Street Regeneration Initiaitve is committed to including feedback from the community into its activities. To date, we have offered several opportunities for public input into the road infrastructure project:

  • 2017 Broad Street Improvements Survey: distributed both in person and online, the survey assessed community priorities for road and streetscape improvements.
  • 2017 Public Meeting: In November, 2017 members of the public were invited to view and discuss some conceptual images of possible improvements at three key intersections along Broad Street. Read a recap of the meeting HERE.
  • 2016 Public Meeting: The Broad Street Regeneration Initiative relaunched at a meeting with all three communities’ mayors.
  • Look for other meeting announcements and opportunities to get involved HERE.

Related Projects

The Broad Street Road Improvements are being completed alongside and in conjunction with other exciting projects in the area:

  • Broad Street bridges: the bridges over the railroad tracks and over the Blackstone River will be rebuilt.
  • The Pawtucket-Central Falls train station is set to break ground in September, 2018 and open in 2020. The surrounding area is the focus of a redevelopment initiaitve with both cities.
  • RIPTA is improving its stops and service in the area to improve access to the train station.
  • Central Falls, Pawtucket and Cumberland are working together to improve bicycle access to the train station and the existing bike paths as well as improve the cycling experience in the entire area.