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Project Coordinator

Jillian Finkle

City of Central Falls

  • James Diossa, Mayor
  • Jean Phillippe Barros, Department of Public Works
  • Peter Friedrichs, Director, Planning and Economic Development
  • Elaine Partridge, Director of Public Works
  • Jonathan Scott, Principal Planner

Town of Cumberland

  • William Murray, Mayor
  • Jonathan Stevens, Director of Planning
  • Robert Anderson, Director of Public Works

City of Pawtucket

  • Donald Grebian, Mayor
  • Susan Mara, Acting Director, Planning and Redevelopment
  • Jeanne Boyle, Commerce Director
  • Jay Rosa, Senior Planner
  • Herb Weiss, Economic & Cultural Affairs Officer
  • Travis Auty, Supervisor of the Public Works Office

Blackstone Valley Tourism Council

  • Robert Billington, President
  • Natalie Carter, Director of Operations
  • David Goldstein, Website Development

Rhode Island Department of Transportation

  • Paul Schofield
  • Lori Fisette
  • Anthony Pompei

Rhode Island Statewide Planning

  • Roberta Groch, Assistant Chief
  • Linsey Callaghan, Supervising Planner
  • Drew Pflaumer, Principal Planner
  • Lindsey Langenburg, Principal Planner

Broad Street Committee

  • Jan Brodie, The Pawtucket Foundation
  • John Berard, Clean Water Action
  • Mario Bueno, Progreso Latino
  • Sandra Cano, Navigant Credit Union
  • Megan DiPrete, Blackstone Heritage Corridor
  • John Flaherty, Grow Smart RI
  • Wilfred Hernandez, Federal Highway Administration
  • Matt Largess, Largess Forestry
  • C.J. Opperthauser, Grow Smart RI
  • Paul Ouellette, Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Andrew Pierson, Pawtucket Central Falls Development
  • Angelica Rivera, Navigant Credit Union
  • Amelia Rose, GroundWork RI
  • Linda Weisinger, Pawtucket Central Falls Development